TV Launch Campaigns

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 Breaking Ratings Records Again And Again.

The Oscar-©‐winning documentary marches Hallmark Channel to its best day ever!


 Harry Potter Creates Movie Magic  for ABC & ABC Family


Create TV premiere tune-in events to garner massive viewership to offset program licensing fees.



Developed cross-promotions and special programming to expand media reach and generate record-breaking ratings.

• Extensive on-air/cross promotional campaign with WB Theatrical
  –  Harry Potter – 10 minutes of exclusive behind the scenes footage
  –  Happy Feet vignettes with Robin Williams and Elijah Wood
• 25 Market Affiliate Promotions delivering tune-in
• Displays in 4,000 Hallmark Stores
• Advertiser integration – Burger King Happy Meals
• Dove sponsored 7 minute film‐short



• Record-breaking ratings success!